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NEXT Medical Records is the answer to what is “next” for physicians, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems. We process and deliver your patients’ Protected Health Information as if it were our own.

Our Provider-focused business philosophy has inspired us to bring a fresh delivery model to the Release of Information marketplace, with innovation, efficiency, and security built into every step of the ROI fulfillment process. The benefit to our Provider clients is an unprecedented level of compliance, the opportunity to have a real stake in ROI-generated revenues, and the ability to give Patients the medical record privacy to which they are entitled under HIPAA statutes. NEXT never takes the Provider for granted.

Explore the results of our unwavering commitment to our clients’ success by bringing them true technological innovation and ROI workflow automation:

▸ Same-Day Fulfillment

Our request fulfillment platform enables single path, on-site, same-day request fulfillment.

Other ROI vendors transmit requested PHI content to a remote physical location for final processing, which adds days to the fulfillment time.

We can operate in both inline and batch mode to ensure flexibility in the fulfillment workflow process, as determined by both the volume and request type landscape of each Provider client.

▸ Unprecedented Compliance

NEXT provides an indelible audit trail of all PHI viewing activity, which is essential to proving HIPAA compliance.

Whenever a patient medical record is viewed, an audit record is created, detailing who accessed the medical record, when it was accessed, and what was viewed.

▸ Revenue Sharing

We eliminate the traditional off-site expenses that burden other ROI outsource companies.
Our extensive software automation frees up FTE by more than 50%, further reducing costs. Inline processing combined with process automation creates the opportunity for the greatest percentage of revenue share participation by the Provider.

▸ Provider Oversight

NEXT clients can view the progress of each fulfillment stage for every request transaction: Logged, Rejected, In-Process, Completed, and Viewed.  

Each request transaction is color-coded to aid in the review and QA process.  

Our Digital Dashboard enables Providers to instantly visualize PHI request activity in real-time. Accessing the process dashboard requires only a single mouse click.

▸ Tracking Transfer of Custody

The ability of NEXT to track all parties who have accessed and viewed a patient medical record relieves the Provider of sole custodial liability, should a third party create a HIPAA breach or engage in any other type of unlawful disclosure of a patient’s medical record.

NEXT documents the “chain of custody” for requested medical records by maintaining a permanent audit record of all viewing activity.

▸ Requestor Satisfaction

Our Provider clients report that over 95% of all PHI delivery is accomplished via the ROI+ Web portal. Web portal.
Our Requestor community gives the ROI+ Web portal a 5-star rating, which is the highest rating possible.

No other ROI fulfillment platform approaches the sophistication and level of Web delivery achieved by NEXT. Requestor satisfaction surveys indicate that Requestors are relieved to no longer have to suffer the burden of large paper files and faxed documents.